Jeremiah 20:9

“His Word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut in my bones."       


  - NIV Translation

Youth that are empowered become world changers!

BSM (6th-12th grade) exists to develop influencers to be awakened and released.

We accomplish taking mountains through growing in intimacy, awakened identity, depth of character and thoughts, feelings and emotions that come straight from Gods heart.  Influencers shake kingdoms from this place.

These values are accomplished through:

Jesus and Donuts on Sunday mornings after 1st service worship 

Wednesday at the Gate from 6:00pm-7:30pm.   

✔ Summer camps, mission trips, weekend get-aways, small groups, personal connection from trained and empowered leaders and the ability to lead others.

Church at the Gate youth pastor Jared Dupert is fully invested in raising up a culture of empowered youth.  He gives insight and practical tools for championing your youth. Jared is a creative thinker with life experience. Your youth will gain a growing sense that they are part of something important and making a significant difference in today’s world.

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