Psalm 145:1

“My heart explodes with praise to you! Now and forever my heart bows and worships you, my king and my God!"       


  - The Passion Translation

We are created for worship​

There is an invitation from the Lord Almighty to enter into a place of worship with our heavenly Father. We go from glory to glory. The Lord in his mercy, by design has given us access to the heavenly realms. By creating us in His image, we are to become one with Him in worship. We stand before Him with our fullest expression and whole heartedness ministering unto Him with thanksgiving and praise. God is so good and He loves us so much!


There is nothing that can stand between us and Him. With that in mind, he created us to be worshippers.

7 Hebrew words of Praise 








As a worship community, we live to host and enjoy the presence of God in worship. This is what we were created for! We enter our full identity through coming before God with thanksgiving and praise, ministering unto Him and encountering His heart.

Our worship teams seek to usher in the presence of God at every service. We value an atmosphere of freedom where people can express their heartfelt response to God in worship and receive from heaven.

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